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6 WKS - 12 YRS


Now hiring full-time and part-time teachers!




we moved!  

Our new address is 3223 University Avenue,

inside of Trinity Lutheran Church.




At Children's Garden, we provide a nurturing environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of our young clients. For seventy-five years we have offered child care and child development services to hundreds of Des Moines and Polk County families.

From cradle to crayons and computers, we strive to enrich each child's life by promoting an interactive process of active exploration and learning.

The parents of children enrolled at The Children's Garden enjoy a "hands on" approach to child care. As the only remaining parent cooperative in Iowa,
our parental involvement creates an environment that is an extension of the
home, rather than a substitute.








“ The teachers and staff are like our
  extended family. Alina's face lights
  up when she hears "we're going to
  school today.”
Gina Adam